Monday, March 28, 2016

Social Action and Art: "My Neighbor Series" in Collaboration with The City of Carson as Part of Community Revitalisation

 Uncle Lincoln. Study for "Ukulele Player" Sepia on Fabriano Paper

It’s a great pleasure and honor to announce that I will be continuing the work on "My Neighbor Series" in collaboration with The City of Carson after receiving their special grant.
Centered around the idea "Love My Neighbor", the project is part of the larger effort to turn the city around after all recent screw ups by all sorts of political charlatans and power brokers that failed the beautiful people of this city, the 5th most diverse in the nation. In all this our city is the perfect metaphor for the current state of the US and the World. 

 Anayo. Sepia on Fabriano Paper

Among all today's anger, often well-justified by spectacular establishment failures, in a society plagued by cynicism, nihilism and relativism of the failed ideology of hyper-greed as national cultural identity there are some principles and core values that remain benchmarks of absolute good - the love of our neighbors, the Community and Humanity. This is what worth holding on to when all else fails. This is what will help us make it through anything. 

This is the greatest opportunity to apply all my cherished principles and skills of High Art that came down to me from my father and to create vital, authentic and compelling images of real people you cannot NOT love. This is the place of High Art in the first half of 21st century.
I ❤ Carson!

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