Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Alexey Steele: artist to watch in the January/February Issue of FINE ART CONNOISSEUR Magazine

will be on newsstands December 15
subscription available: Fine Art Connoisseur

It's so great to be in one of my favorite magazines with some most exquisite cover choices

Thursday, October 8, 2009

An intensive course by Alexey Steele at Carnegie Art Museum

Road to Portrait - Comprehending Head
An intensive course by Alexey Steele:
from re-examining basics to advance work

Master Workshop @ Carnegie Art Museum
January 23 - 24, 2010 (Saturday and Sunday)
9 a.m. - 4 p.m. with a lunch break

Space is limited. We advise to sign up early. Please call Donna Barna at 805-385-8254 to sign up. Discount is offered to the Carnegie Art Museum members. Regular price $175 for the two days.

Carnegie Art Museum
424 South C. Street
Oxnard, CA 93030

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Circle by Alexey Steele

This is a short film shot by a Russian filmmaker Oleg Kalyan during the execution of a large-scale fresco by Los Angeles artist Alexey Steele. The film, blending the visual and poetic language, describes the intimacy drama and intensity of art-making process...on a truly epic scale.

The fresco is 32 feet in diameter, 45 feet above ground and consist of over 12 feet figures, it is executed on the ceiling of a private residence in Bel Air, California

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Alexey Steele receives a prestigious Artemis Award

Alexey Steele receives a prestigious Artemis Award

"Alexey Steele, a noted Los Angeles artist, was recognized for celebrating the power and beauty of women through his art on a heroic scale in the modern world particularly in his multi-figure compositions “The Circle” and “The Soul of The Hero”. He was one of the 14 distinguished honorees and came to Athens for the Annual Euro-American Women’s Council’s Global Forum sponsored by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Culture, and the Mayor of Athens.

With Honorable Deputy Foreign Minister Theodore Kassimis

Alexey Steele also completed an official portrait of EAWC founder Loula Loi Alafoyiannis “Arrows of Artemis” that was unveiled at the main ceremony in the historic Zapio Megaro in Athens.

Unveiling of "Arrows of Artemis"
with EAWC founder Loula Loi Alafoyiannis and awardees Rita Cosby and Tomaczek Bednarek

With Economic Minister Peter Doukas

In the course of the official program in Athens Alexey Steele delivered a speech at the Greek Parliament, at the Athen’s Mayor’s office and was a guest of the Minister of Culture of Greece at the opening of New Acropolis Museum. Alexey Steele further announced the formation of “Artists for Marbles: Artists for a return of Parthenon Marbles to Acropolis” group, based on the belief that representational artists have a special personal connection to Acropolis and therefore shall act as its symbolic international guardians.

At the Seat of Hellenic Parliament

Delivering a Speech on the Return of Parthenon Marbles

With Mr. George Sourlas, Vice President of the Parliament and Speaker of The House

Delivering a key-note address on the restitution of Parthenon Marbles
at the special Award Ceremony in the City of Athens Mayor’s Office

In his speaches Alexey Steele stressed the importance of expressing historic gratitude to British people for preserving the marbles through Greece’s struggle for independence. At the same time, he thinks it is evident that the government of Great Britain has simply run out of argument to continue keeping this unique world treasure.

“With opening of this magnificent museum it is truly momentous and historic to symbolically fulfill the dream and the belief of Lord Byron’s generation in the future of Independent Greece that Greece has now fully realized. It is now time to fulfill the purpose and the mission of preserving the Greek treasures for the World by returning the Parthenon Marbles to the sacred place where they belong and where they will rest in now indisputable safety to be shared in perpetuity with rest of the World. It’s time for “Elgin Marbles” to finally come back home, to finally become again and forever, what they once were – THE GLORIOUS MARBLES OF PARTHENON.”- Says Alexey Steele

Fore more information on "Artists for Marbles" initiative check here:

It was a privilage to be an official guest of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture
at the opening of the magnifisent New Acropolis Museum

Sunday, April 26, 2009

CAC Opening - Celebrating Serious Representational Art

Our CAC Gold Medal shows are always such a celebration of artist camaraderie.

Practically rebuilt from ashes by enormous efforts of Peter and Elaine Adams, the CAC - originally a group of predominantly plain-air landscape painters has recently became an effective launching pod for a formidable new generation of today’s leading figurative and serious representational artists.

Based on long and close personal friendships it is a platform for an artistic dialog that affects greatly the direction of contemporary representational art.

By the way… and what a fun we have doing it!

My "Photographer" on the wall

Ignatik, Me, Sunny - now that's a party

Ignatik is getting his well-deserved award, his exceptional nude was among my top favorites on the show

Way to go, Ignatik!

And here comes the Votan himself
Incorporable Peter - The Votan, Only Peter could pull off something like that

And the medal goes to...


Christopher, Dan, Votan - another boring day at CAC

In this photo: Christopher Slatoff, Daniel Pinkham, Peter Adams


The Few. The Goofy. The Artists.

Congratulations, Dan! So well-deserved, So long over-due!

Smile, Dan! Dan Gogh aka Big Pink!

are you sure its not a chocolate?

not until you try

ART is definitely a sniffable substance, this is why it's HIGH!!!

V for Dan, as Dan's getting a Gold Medal is definitely a victory for all true ART! If I was not late for voting/what else is new/ Dan would have had my vote too to ensure his win, as I've heard later the running was pretty close.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

California Art Clubs 98th Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition

Photographer 60” X 36” oil on canvas

My new painting in California Art Clubs 98th Annual Gold Medal Juried exhibition, opening tonight @ Pasadena Museum of California Art and which promises to be quite exciting.

Saw it yesterday at Collectors Circle dinner – lots of wonderful works by lots of good friends

If you can’t come Saturday, lots of artists, myself including, will be in-n-out throughout Sunday morning – afternoon as well, the museum admission is $7

If you are in town, definitely stop by, the show runs till May 17

The painting is of my good friend, colleague, super-talented photographer Lem and this is the shot he took of me as I was painting him.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alexey Steele Masterdrawing Acquired by Carnegie Art Museum

Alexey Steele Masterdrawing Acquired by Carnegie Art Museum
Links Figurative Art to Our Era of Crisis

The result of over ten years of conceptual development, the work represents a visual premonition of an impending crisis we now experience. It is an inspiring and self-examining message for our time.

carn logo 2424 South C Street (next to Plaza Park), Oxnard, CA 93030
at Plaza and Centennial Parks in Downtown Oxnard
(805) 385-8157/8158, fax (805) 483-3654
Admission $3 / Museum members free

QS 5
Quiet Steps of Approaching Thunder
pastel and graphite on paper by Alexey Steele, 2008. Carnegie Art Museum Collection

Participate in virtual unveiling of the Carnegie Art Museum's new acquisition to its permanent collection of California art of a major master drawing by Alexey Steele of Los Angeles. "...Approaching Thunder" links figurative art to our era of crisis. The artist will discuss the works' concepts, symbolism and large scale drawing techniques within the development of this career.

"The Carnegie is pleased to have acquired a stunning new master work by this artist that shares inspiring compositional scope, breath-catching acuity and heroic allegory directly related to our times. Rarely in current California Art is such adroit draftsmanship with colored Conte crayon employed to relate contemporary issues. Here Nature's thunder rolls over the ocean reaching shore at Rincon Beach in the guise of prophetic angels heralding the ominous outcome of man's greed and literal trashing of the environment.

Imbuing mythological figures with cinematic movement and modern musculature, Steele has created a new classical vernacular for our age. His artistic vision creates art that reacquaints us with multi-layered symbolism and re-affirms our capacity to be inspired by the magnificent," says Suzanne Bellah, director of Carnegie Art Museum.

Alexey Steele's remarkable ability to draw monumental figures in foreshortened positions reflects his training at the Surikov Art Institute of the Soviet Academy of Arts in Moscow, which was based on the 19th century methods of the Russian Imperial Academy.

See more at alexeysteele.com.