Sunday, April 26, 2009

CAC Opening - Celebrating Serious Representational Art

Our CAC Gold Medal shows are always such a celebration of artist camaraderie.

Practically rebuilt from ashes by enormous efforts of Peter and Elaine Adams, the CAC - originally a group of predominantly plain-air landscape painters has recently became an effective launching pod for a formidable new generation of today’s leading figurative and serious representational artists.

Based on long and close personal friendships it is a platform for an artistic dialog that affects greatly the direction of contemporary representational art.

By the way… and what a fun we have doing it!

My "Photographer" on the wall

Ignatik, Me, Sunny - now that's a party

Ignatik is getting his well-deserved award, his exceptional nude was among my top favorites on the show

Way to go, Ignatik!

And here comes the Votan himself
Incorporable Peter - The Votan, Only Peter could pull off something like that

And the medal goes to...


Christopher, Dan, Votan - another boring day at CAC

In this photo: Christopher Slatoff, Daniel Pinkham, Peter Adams


The Few. The Goofy. The Artists.

Congratulations, Dan! So well-deserved, So long over-due!

Smile, Dan! Dan Gogh aka Big Pink!

are you sure its not a chocolate?

not until you try

ART is definitely a sniffable substance, this is why it's HIGH!!!

V for Dan, as Dan's getting a Gold Medal is definitely a victory for all true ART! If I was not late for voting/what else is new/ Dan would have had my vote too to ensure his win, as I've heard later the running was pretty close.


  1. Alysha, Great show, love your photographer painting and congrats on your new blog,, I'll be back checking on it,, CHEERS!!Ignatik

  2. thanks, ignatik, just now got to see your comment!