Saturday, April 25, 2009

California Art Clubs 98th Annual Gold Medal Juried Exhibition

Photographer 60” X 36” oil on canvas

My new painting in California Art Clubs 98th Annual Gold Medal Juried exhibition, opening tonight @ Pasadena Museum of California Art and which promises to be quite exciting.

Saw it yesterday at Collectors Circle dinner – lots of wonderful works by lots of good friends

If you can’t come Saturday, lots of artists, myself including, will be in-n-out throughout Sunday morning – afternoon as well, the museum admission is $7

If you are in town, definitely stop by, the show runs till May 17

The painting is of my good friend, colleague, super-talented photographer Lem and this is the shot he took of me as I was painting him.


  1. Great painting man! Love the connection of a painting of your photographer/friend with the photographer's shot of you painting full circle of a shared experience. Very cool!

  2. hey, mark, thanks...just now got to check my own blog...this is exactly what this painting is all about as it is itself a product of this shared experience. Having close exchange with strong artists sharing same visual language is so important in taking what we do to the next stage...caring a conversation...great comment, mark!