Thursday, October 22, 2015

Head Drawing for Painters Workshop with California Art Club

Had a great time with my three-day drawing workshop for the California Art Club.

The workshop was on the critical importance of drawing for the painters in the Russian Academic Tradition. Having spectacular examples of Dad’s class drawings from the golden slice of Russian Academy revival of the 1950s, examples of him applying this knowledge into his painting as well as showing how my own drawing affects my paintings I described to the class the principles and methods that I use in constructing my works.

I also showed the class the way I use my favorite Fabriano paper and Cretacolor sepia.

DAY 1 

Lecture on the key principles of Russian Academic teaching and of my personal approach


Discussion of my materials and demo of the way I prep the paper

Beginning stage of the demo and explanation of my "Inside Out" method and of my principles of construction

                                                                  DAY 2

Students start their work with the model, concentrating on the slow beginning stage and applying principles I described during my demo on the first day while I recapitulate my principles of construction.

                         Good lunch always helps...just don't fall asleep

                                   Always rely on trusted friends

                                   The development stage of my demo

                                                                  DAY 3

                  Organizational stage of the demo and of students work


30" x 22" Cretacolor Sepia and White Leads on the Fabriano Artistico Soft Press 300lb paper


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