Monday, August 27, 2012

Fall Workshops: Academic Approach to Head and Figure Painting

Alexey Steele Grand Atelier Studio, Carson, CA
announces a figurative workshop series this Fall:

Course Meets 7 Saturdays: September 22, 29; October 13, 20, 27; November 10, 17
class time 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Cost of the course: $350 (model fee is included)
Artists and Art students are invited.
Please register early to reserve your spot. Space is limited. 

Overview: The Objective of the workshop is to introduce the participants to Alexey Steele's approach to painting a figure, based on his legacy of Russian Academic Tradition. Alexey will focus on his approach to working with live model as well as describe a vital integrated relationship of Form, Tone and Color essential in a successful execution of any painting and particularly figure. It shall encourage participants to study these three elements in depth after participation in the workshop.
There are a substantially diverse number of wonderful approaches to conveying life-like visual image shared through various workshops, books and systems by some remarkable artists of our time. Some of them perceived as radically different from one another, yet in fact outside "techniques" they all convey same core principles. Those "integrating" principles behind various individual approaches will be the main theme of the workshop. The central principle this workshop is intended to demonstrate and to train its participants in - is the key function of Value in connecting Form to Color. 
Classes consist of demo, live painting and critique.

In addition to the main objective, at this workshop students will have an opportunity to practice the development of their key decisions on a longer studies as we will book the same models for 2-3 consecutive sessions.  
List of the supplies will be send upon registration.
Please email Olga at to sign up


Read an in-depth review of Alexey Steele workshop in
American Artist Workshop Magazine:
"Everyone knows what a powerful artistic force Alexey already is, but few, until this time, could have realized what a sensational and dynamic art instructor he makes as well." 
- George Malone, workshop participant  


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