Sunday, July 18, 2010

My workshop is featured in-depth in American Artist Workshop Magazine Summer 2010


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My painting and teaching methods
as well as views on what it takes to create strong Art
are featured in-depth in the 14-page article of
American Artist Workshop Magazine, Summer 2010

"Alexey Steele: Pursuing Passion and Personal Vision"
by Michael Zakian
director of Frederick R. Weisman Museum of Art
Pepperdine University

ASteele: American Artist Workshop Magazine

Quotes from the article:
"A hallmark of Steele's life and art is passion - a passion for painting and for promoting the highest ideals of great culture and fine art."
"For Steele, painting is a deeply humanistic endeavor and is essential to maintaining the vitality and health of our culture."
"Steele painted in an assertive, determined stance, projecting his body's physical energy into his canvas. He believes that artists must instill this vitality into their image if they want their paintings to be alive."
"As an instructor, Steele has a remarkable and rare capacity to focus on improving each student's own vision and style, rather than imposing his own method."
"Steele represents a continuation and a revival of the European academic tradition."
"Steele is able to maintain pictorial freshness by always keeping his vision and image
full of life."
"For Steele, art is a passionate battle."
"The artist is in a position of ultimate power. Soldiers use lethal force to kill. Painters use vital force to recreate life itself, and that is art. Focus on the positive qualities of life and you will grow as an artist." Alexey Steele

Alexey Steele Workshop 1

Alexey Steele Workshop

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